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this was a very ambitious offer i lately got from a sweet petite filipina girl named kyu. while i was patroling the red light district of the capital of the filippines, i stranded on this young amateur prostitute. she offered me a room and very good fucking for a fraction of the price id had to pay if i would go to the more exclusive places that a friend and experienced sex tourist told me. so i thought why not give it a try, first i thought it was a scam and her bigger brother would wait for me arround the next corner to rip me off, but no fun without a little risk. this sweet girl took me to a clean discrete little hotel and instanly pulled her clothes off. then she teased me her little brown hole and i have to confess, i allready came the first time when she was starting to suck on it. really fast. but then the second time took longer, after about 5-7 minutes her little pussy made explode my wiener again deep inside her without absolutly no condom on. she was so petite that i barely could stick my entire meat inside her, it would make her little pussy damage and i prefered to also give her a good time . she felt so wet and tight that with my 60 years i thought i was back in paradise. this pretty filipina sex slave was the most skilled i ever experienced and she kept promise. she asked me , sir i hope this was good fucking for you, if i really would love to cum a third time she had to ask a couple of baht more …

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while their mates are all watching football andrey and peter decided to visit a thai brothel and see koy. shes the sweetest petite on the spot, not very well trained . a petite thai girl that has to be approached sensible because with her tiny body shes very fragile. first she refused to handle two guys, too brutal too big she says but those guys convinced her that she would treat her very nice and so they first tried to make her really wet with their fingers. it wasnt an easy challenge, it took a while until the brown little asian pussy of koy became so wet that they could go on with further action but some skilled finger clitoris stimulation finally tricked her in getting really wet so her sweet little brown hole could be assaulted.

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even asian girls might be very demanding, this cute thai escort girl felt in love after the second day, she woke up besides me and wanted to show me her love too. i was a bit shocked because i barely had recovered from the last night and wanted to go breakfast but she refused to let me go and told me please mister, ill give you good sucki sucki before breakfast and then leave.
i knew she would stay with me for the next three days because she was the kind of girl that was ambitious for visa and so i couldnt pull her back when she was sucking my white penis with all the
her warm chubby body made me hungry to again fuck her little pussy hole, even if i was completly satisfied and out of juices i had to put it in to cure the lover hangover from the past night and came pretty quick so i finally could go for breakfast and eat a big omlette

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i admire im allways happy if i find a sweet filipina escort cutie that hasnt shaved, its getting more and more common that even the far eastern asian prostitutes do trim their cunts but this time i was lucky again , during one of my late night escapades i stumbeld upon that cute filipina petite that has observerd her tasty hairy triangle and so i couldnt hold me back to first finger fuck and fondle that wet tighty hole very long time before i got to the point . she was very inpatient and allways wanted to start sucking my dick but i had to keep her back because playing that tasty slit juice hole was mostly stimulating to me. a technique sure this petite filipina didnt know but started to admire after a couple of moments. i tried to force her to orgasm and i allways do know if a girl fakes it or if it is real

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creampie2this new guy whos filming for creampie in asia has a good hand for finding really cute girlfriend type of asian cuties that are willing to earn themselves a couple of baht with fucking. beeing neither catholic or attached to relgion those cute next door girls from the filipines really know how to give a young man a good time. first shes a bit bitchy but then once the ice is broken she turns into a real cute wild fuckwhore and works most ambitious with her tighty asian cunt to finish the job, a kind of quick comer because this beauty did orgasm after only 6-7 minutes. not beeing used to that big european meat she becomes kind of addicted getting her snatch creamed with more european and american dick soon

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i discovered this slender filipina cutie in the backstage of a techno rave party. i knew the dj, he is from europe and so i took care of the young filipina girl that was hanging arround there and used to be his fangirl, but he allready had enough of her so he had no problem, that i took over because her body, her cute tiny ass and her slender figure just made me horny and i didnt want to loose any time there listening to this crap loud techno music. so we made a quick arrangment, i promised her some booze , eternal love and a chicken rice dinner and it was easy to convince her, that talking and flirting is much safer inside a quiet hotel room instead this banging loud party place. finally at my hotel room it was easy after two beers to convince her to take off her panties and show me her delicate tighty filipina cunt, i told her in all seriousity that i never have seen a real asian pussy before and she believed me. proud of beeing a kind of instructor to me she was eager to make me feel her warm and brown body the classic way. she went down on all four just the way i like it most, doggystyle and spreaded her tight lips open so i could put it in , i never had such a tight experience and it took me a couple of seconds until i managed to navigate my lovemaker inside her and she was yelling a bit and felt slight pain. but once i got all of my boner inside her she was instantly very wet and asked me all the time to make it harder, i didnt want to destroy that tiny body but shure i gave her what i want

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finally the guys from tuktukpatrol are back from their asian vacation, we had to crave nearly 6 weeks because the worlds most famous asian monger paysite has been out not releasing new stuff but now we have a leak of the super new material coming out from tuktukpatrol. enjoy ping, a cute filipina street hooker that works hard to make a ugly white guy please with her tighty asian cunt. not only has she a desperate eager hunger for deepthroating but also her huge swollen thai clitoris brings us most joy watching this new scene


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swapping the role inside a thai massage saloon is nothing unusual. some guys, especially older dudes from britain or germany prefer to massage their girls instead enjoying the massage themselves. here you can enjoy bernd, a 56 years old it consultant who booked a 3 month sex vacation to asia during his second week of his unforgetable sex trip to thailand, performing a nice hard finger petting and vagina penetration play. fondling that wet tighty hole of that sweet asian monger brings him atmost pleasure and satisfaction. inside his normal social life he barely has the opportunity to find such young tight girls and that is a serious issue if you are aged 50 or even older as male. so a great alternative is to visit one of asias most known massage parlor



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usually those sweet filipinas aint gifted with patience. when i ask one of those hookers to give me a hand they stop after 2-3 minutes and want me to proceed with mouth because after all they think in economic terms and want to get the job finished as quick as possible, but this cute busty chubby cutie had more patience, she rubbed my foreskin for about 5-7 minutes and then went on rubbing her own meaty hairy slit. it turned me so on that i gave this average looking street doll a couple of baht more for that great service. but before i pulled my sticky fingers inside her brown warm hole and fingered her nicely, she really accomodated me superior and made up her little fat body and her average look up with some great qualities that were worth every baht spend on that cutie. finally she managed to finish me pretty quick when i was lying on her cute warm body and putted my old meat inside her young filipina hairy slit , i came after only a minute because she teased me so great forehanded and she felt so warm and hot inside

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i first thought she wasnt even of full age, but this cute filipana employee flirted with me very offensive. sure im a good looking western guy in his mid fourties , in good shape and i know i have my qualities,  but even me,  i wouldnt have expected that kind of offensive move from such a cute teen chick on me and her first . anyway, i was there flying to the filipines taking opportunities. why not trade my western wellfare and attitude against the innocent adolesence of those beautiful young asian girls. i had enough of the neurosis and schizophrenia of girls in my age in my home country .
the last couple of dates in my country completly failed and even if had a more sexual relationship with girls in my age in my town it allways was frustrating and a big hassel. so what. what i mostly like about those philipina girls,  is their fragil bodys, they absolutely fit my scheme . anyway after she didnt talk much and just putted her pantiess off and while i saw her silly teenage pants i felt kind of remorse and wanted to make sure this filipina girl really is of full age . i barely couldnt believe it and i made me show her passport, anyway it was kind of a really extemporaneous college card
but it showed she was allready past 19. good, now i had to calm down because i was caught in a situation with a young asian girl, having her pants pulled down and ready to
lie down with me in that trashy hotel room. it all went faster then i expected and i tried to make some conversation but it completly failed, she couldnt speak english and i have not idea about their language. so i asked her to show me her tiny little hairy triangle because im a guy who loves watching pussy and she did. that moment i couldnt imagine myself lying on that petite fragile girl but then she became curious and softly sucked my dick, the ice was broken and i was ready to take the challenge .